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A:Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 6PM to 8PM.  We are closed Wednesdays and weekends.  However they are subject to change.

A: We train ages 8 yrs old & up---all experience/fitness levels and YES we train both males & females.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: The training fee is $100 per month.  Members are required to register as an athlete with USA Boxing within 14 days after joining our team.  To do this, you must to go to click on register and follow the instructions.  The registration fee for USA Boxing is $68.  A COPY of your birth certifcate and all documents from your registration with USA Boxing must be turned in to South Carolina USA Boxing as per the instructions when you complete your USA Boxing membership.  The monthly gym fees are due 30 days after your initial registration date.   Example:  You sign up on the 12th of the month, your training fee will be due the 12th of every month
.  We accept cash, check or debit/credit cards ($3 processing fee is charged for debit/credit card payments)

A: We provide headgear & gloves.  You will need to provide your own mouthpiece (required for sparring) and hand wraps (to protect the bones in your hands & wrists).  Both can be purchased at just about any local sporting goods store.  You are welcome to provide your own headgear & gloves for training.  For males we strongly suggest you provide your own foul (groin) protector for sparring sessions.

A: We try to vary the training to prevent boredom.  In addition to boxing there are weeks of weight training during which you will learn by name the muscle groups you are working.  Other weeks there will be high out-put calisthenics (sit ups/push ups/leg raises, etc). And finally there are weeks of yoga.  After weeks of weigh training & exercises yoga is important to stretch out the muscles you have worked so hard.  Yoga also helps with flexibility.  We are a fully functional boxing gym with just about every weight machine, free weights, heavy bags & speed bags...

A:Getting ready to compete is a completely personal goal.  How fast you learn & how hard you work will determine how quickly you can start competing.  In the beginning of your training, you will learn foot work & the jab-no other aspects-until these two elements are mastered.  It will all seem very boring & useless but they are the foundation for every combination you will eventually learn; without them nothing else will be properly executed. 
Q:  Do I have to be be at practice every night?
A:  While we understand that school & work schedules don't always accommodate the training schedule, you miss vital information when you are absent from practice.  The more training sessions you attend, the more you will learn.

Q:  Is boxing safe?
A: As with any sport or activity there is risk of injury.  However, amateur boxing has many safety precautions in place to prevent injuries.  Boxing is actually safer than more popular sports like football, hockey & even cheerleading.  While we cannot guarantee you will never suffer an injury (black eye, bloody nose, or a fat lip are the most common) we strive to keep injuries to a minimum.
Q:  Do you travel often?
A:  We try to attend every event we possibly can when funds allow. We are a non profit organization (501 c 3) but funds are very limited.  The staff (the coach & his support staff) are all VOLUNTEERS.  They do not receive any financial compensation for the time they put into our gym.  Many times the staff have taken money from their own pockets to get the team to an event.  We are always seeking ways to raise money to get to events whether through holding car washes or finding a grant writer that is willing to donate his/her time to our organization. 
Q:  What does a non profit organization mean?
A:  Because we are a non profit organization (501 c 3) donations that are made to our organization are considered a contribution to a charitable organization and may be tax deductible